Sunday, February 27, 2011

spotlight. the scirocco chair

 i recently, well 6months or so ago, bought a pair of 1950's chairs on ebay.

they are slung cowhide and wood,...and incredibly beautiful.

i bought them for the grand sum of $150 each.

last week, as a result of the cover of the current inside out magazine, i did a little research into my $150 chairs.

turns out, they are arne norell, scirocco chairs.

arne norell - Sweden 1917 - 1971

(Arne Norell was a multifaceted designer, who gladly tried many different material combinations. He gained an interest in classic furniture and started his own company; Arne Norell Möbel AB in 1954, where he designed and manufactured furniture. His most well-known and appreciated pieced is the easy chair "Ari", designed in 1966. In 1973 he was awarded "Showpiece of the year" by British Furniture Manufacturer´s. Many of his designs are still manufactured by his company now under the name Norell Möbler Ab.)

and here is the best bit,...  my $150 chairs are worth a cool $3250 each.

yippee for ebay! (and for people who don't realise what they are selling).

jane xx 


Claudia Lane said...

Oh Jane well done! They are divine, I have always had my eyes on them...and yours are in cowhide? Bliss! You can't get better than that! :))

plain jane styling said...

I know! And they are so incredibly comfortable.,... I have them in my office,. they used to be infront of our fireplace (there is a persian daybed there now), and they are the perfect chair to enjoy a scotch infront of the fire in :)

Aunt Annie said...

You are such a canny creature!! They do look comfy...