Friday, February 25, 2011

sermo per equus,...or, daddy, can I have a pony?

i used to take countless photographs of my horse, bear.

the most amazing red, proud colour,.. thick, wild mane,..and an arrogance only a massive, red, part wild horse could have.


look at these.


i can almost smell them,... one of my favourite smells in the world.

go and check out the rest of them.

and, look, a coffee table book!  Drool.


and here are a couple of my littlest horse wrangler, with one of his friends.

these images are courtesy of my very clever photographer friend, toni hutchison.

now,... is there room for a pony?

jane xx

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Claudia Lane said...

they are wonderful images Jane. Thanks for sharing. Have a great w/end :))