Sunday, February 27, 2011

our littlest chappie gets his first big boy bed.

many months ago, i bought an antique iron shearers 'cot'.

i had planned to paint it white for lottie,....

however, i was talking to a girlfriend yesterday, who reminded me that she had 2 identical iron shearers cots already painted white that i was welcome to use for lottie.  (nice for a girl to have twin beds when we get to sleepover stage)..

so,..i decided to use the gorgeous black one for rafferty.

looks pretty cute, huh?

the bed was a steal at $65.  the only changes were that wooden slats needed to be made to support the mattress.

the gorgeous 'granny rug' was a garage sale find yesterday for 30cents.

the potato sack and vintage teatowel cushions i made.

the flatbear can be bought from here.

the 'busroll' poster can be bought from here.

i made the other artworks by cutting up pages from vintage childrens books and framing them with good old ikea white ribba frames.

and the window shutters we made using old solid timber doors cut down and painted white.

the walls are porters 'camel cord'.

and, most importantly, rafferty will love it!

jane xx


Aunt Annie said...

Love the bed- love the poster!

nat said...

I was just about to ask about the plane pictures and wondered if that's what you did, Jerry is obsessed with planes and has been since he was 12 months!

plain jane styling said...

so easy Nat... The vintage books cost 50cents at a market,..but you could print off the internet too,..... and the frames were $12.. bargain,.

Foxyloxy said...

Great boys room! Love it! Those shutters must encourage sleep ins......LOVE THAT! You are very clever!