Tuesday, January 18, 2011

the whitehouse daylesford,..

i had a massive day at a sydney auction house yesterday,.. buying gorgeous vintage things to stock carrie with,..and learning the 'auction ropes'.  apparently, if you smile sweetly at the auctioneer, he will drop the hammer rather swiftly in your favour! 

anyway,..i came home with a bootload (land rover had both the back seats down!) of treasures... a nana's sweet floral china,..and gorgeous, gorgeous oil paintings of roses (i was determined to 'win' those)....and rustic pewter mugs and silver trophies with 'bert' inscribed on them,... boxes and boxes of things.

last night i was exhausted.  37degrees in an auction shed filled with other 'dealers',..spending money,..the stress of the auctions....the carting of the loot.

totally exhausting.

so,..today,...(or maybe tomorrow), i will start to go through the boxes,...sort stuff out,..take some photos.

in the meantime,..  i thought i would show you all one of my favourite houses in australia.

this little guesthouse is in the town of daylsford in victoria.  not so far away from the lark.  the house is called the whitehouse, and it has been renovated by interior stylist guru, lyn gardner.

i adore her style.  her way of integrating vintage and antique items with a crisp white background.

i particularly love the way that she installs the lighting.  the fluiditiy of the electrical cord so dramatically draped towards the celiing adds lovely lines and movement to the space.

the old schoolboy photographs hung over the vintage sewing machine table inspired a similar vignette in one of our hallways,..

we have recently hung the same industrial antique factory lights in our loungeroom,... and i am loving the use of old globes and the typewriter on the dining table.
the library wallpaper is simply fabulous!

oh look!   there is the enamel basin that we are restoring for our bathroom!

i could move there tomorrow.

jane xx