Sunday, January 16, 2011

home again jiggity-jig.

what a fabulous couple of days!

filled with gorgeous friends,..fabulous food,... much wine,...sunshine,...good music,..and shopping!

lots. of. shopping.

look at some of the sweet things i came home with..

i dropped in to see Steph at newspaper taxi in newtown, and had a good look at all the divine things instore.  that place even smells amazing,.like old scrolls of paper..  so lovely!

i spied a super cute little vintage flower press resting happily on some handmade giftcards,...

a flowerpress that lottie would love.

some little girl has lovingly inscribed 'flower press' onto the front of it,....  bless.

so,..i took it home,..

it is now filled with flowers from our garden,..lottie loves it!

i then headed over to zoo emporium in surry hills,... and came away with this little treasure..

then over to ariel bookstore in paddington for seemingly the last copy of frankie-spaces in sydney!

i then stopped for a couple of glasses of wine with a friend at a winebar in surry hills,...lovely indeed.

the rest of the day became a bit of a blur!

so here are a couple of other things i came home with,..

 a beautiful old fashioned tea rose for the front garden,.. smells incredible...

 these three sweet little fellows,...  the kids have already named them lottie, jasper and rafferty.

 this gorgeous fob watch pendant.  

 and this fabulous vintage enamel pedestal basin for our bathroom.  look at the gorgeous brass taps!  totally perfect!  so, today we can get rid of the revoltingly gaudy 'new money' basin in our bathroom.

just. a. little. bit. excited. at. that.

all in all, 48 hours well spent.  literally.

jane xx

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Penny said...

SPENT being the operative word!! ;-). I love the fob watch pendant. So beautiful.