Wednesday, January 19, 2011

property styling - why you need it.

how many times have you walked into a house for sale, only to be greeted by images like this?

clutter,..stale smells,..dirt,...other peoples mess. 

off putting, isn't it?

ok, the first three photographs might be a slight dramatization, however, the last three photos are of houses on the market at the moment.  



easy to fix.

a property stylist could whip through these places, de-clutter, choose some new paint colours, hire some stylish furniture, organise cleaners, deliver flowers, even choose suitable background music for your open houses.  

a property with fabulous photographic work in the lead up to sale has a distinct advantage over one where no care has been taken.

compare these images to the house that we sold two years ago.

nicer to look at, isn't it?

this is how we presented our house for every inspection.

we have three children,..but there are no toys lying around,..nothing that might detract from the house.  When selling your house, you have to appeal to a broad market, and those without children may not appreciate stickers on windows, lying around,...drawing on walls etc.  take the time to remove anything that potential buyers may find distracting.

i understand that people may find this tough.

hire a stylist.

i can help.

jane xx

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