Wednesday, January 5, 2011

'we have noticed a dip in your productivity,...'

i am sure that if i was gainfully employed by someone else, i would be receiving an email this afternoon with that as the heading.

productivity and school holidays are not a good mix.

it is very hard to get anything done whilst breaking up fights,...scratching dried weetbix off the couch and making countless peanut butter sandwiches.  never mind prizing horse riding hard hats off the heads of stubborn 2yr olds who insisted on wearing them to bed.


sorry about that.

i will try and get back to you all tomorrow with something more creative.

in the meantime, here are a couple of cute little cotton dresses i knocked up whilst the equestrian 2yr old had a nap.

tomorrow can only be a better day!

jane xx


Toni said...

oh I'm hearing ya!
ABC2 is my friend but I'm feeling so guilty!
Gorgeous dresses, wish I could afford one, as well as a holiday!!

plain jane styling said...

what colour looks best on Miss Ivy? I could make her one,..and you could photograph it for me in return? pjxx