Thursday, January 6, 2011

make mine a short black.

for me, a large part of the love of food,.wine, etc has to do with the vessel,.glass,..or serving plate.

i like things to be beautiful.

i like to enjoy the visual experience as much as the taste of the food or drink being consumed.

wine always tastes better in a beautiful glass than in a plastic cup, does it not?

tea is more pleasing from a pot than a teabag.

well,..what is the difference with coffee?

i'll begin by saying that christmas has not been kind to me.  i realised yesterday that i am fat.  wobbly fat.  

not nice.

consequently,..i am on some sort of kooky diet that has seen me do away with dairy,,...carbs and anything else good in my universe!

as a result of this,..all i have left is the vessel from which to drink.

i have done away with my morning double latte in favour of a short black.  it's ok.  like a shot of vodka really.  but i am missing the ritual of my morning coffee.  after much whinging,.my husband pulled out these 2 sweet antique, short black cups that have travelled with him around the world.

aren't they lovely!?

could your relationship with food be 'improved' by changing the vessel you consume it from? think about it as you enjoy your morning coffee..


jane xx


Beth said...

Love the cups! Although coffee is already perfect in my books, even licked off the kitchen bench! hahhahaa, addict! enjoying your pretties so much Jane xx B.

Aunt Annie said...

I've become a shocking ice cream addict since That Time of Life. Am thinking that maybe I need to purchase a truly beautiful SMALL dessert glass... if I can't give it up, maybe I can become resigned to smaller helpings! LOL

Love the cups. I love drinking herb tea from my grandmother's bone china... I have one cup, saucer and side plate hand-painted with bluebells which is probably worth a squillion, but I could never part with it!

Sheridan said...

Gorgeous cups! I totally agree. I have a bone china cup that I always use when I drink tea. Definitely makes it more tea-y!!