Tuesday, January 4, 2011

could black be the new black?

we are just about to paint our house black.

a statement that evokes shocked looks on many peoples faces.  black seems to go hand in hand with gothic teenagers, not young couples with 3 children living in semi-rural australia.

why are people frightened of using black in their interior styling?

when grounded by using it alongside lashings of white,..or paired with chrome,..it seems to live quite harmoniously.  

the yin-yang effect.

i recently came across an article about a stylist duo who have painted all their interior woodwork, including their kitchen cupboards with an enamel black.

i think that the contrast between the very glossy black woodwork and the matt white paint very effective and not in the slightest bit overpowering.

it is an industrial look that can be warmed up by using natural materials, such as wood,..animal skin,..textiles as decor.

we have just painted our windows and french doors in the lounge room with a similar enamel paint,. the windows now frame the room perfectly. and create a dramatic, decadent tone.

australian stylist, debra cronin, is another who is not afraid to dabble in the dark side.

by painting the floorboards black in her woollahra terrace, she creates an interesting blank canvas for the room.

but,.back to my original statement.

yes,.we are just about to paint the exterior of our turn of the century cottage black.

shock horror!

after painting the exterior woodwork white, it should look something like this.

this is a place we recently stayed at in byron bay.


i think it will look fabulous,..and not the slightest bit overpowering.

ok,..  so the rules for black are,.

  • don't be afraid of using it!
  • don't be tempted to pair it with other colours such as blue or red.  (unless you live in the '80's)
  • you can soften the clinical, industrial feel by decorating with textural, natural objects in neutral tones.
 black is back!

jane xx 


Toni said...

i think it'll look fab, can't wait to see it!

Aunt Annie said...
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plain jane styling said...

yes,.... wise and sparing is the key! pjxx

Sars said...

Go girl, love the idea!!!! And loving your blog, when can I start buying stuff from you?? Xx

Aunt Annie said...

Hah, black isn't back- it never left! A fabulous tone when used wisely.

plain jane styling said...

anytime Sars! Anytime pjxx

Kathryn said...

my most valuable style consultant (yep, my mother!) says that you should always have at least one statement of black in every room. perhaps a bit like Manet! so i whole hartedly agree with your post today. good luck with the painting!