Monday, January 3, 2011

hawaiian shirts can SO be cool!

i came across a MASSIVE vintage hawaiian shirt at an op-shop the other week, and brought it home, any good bower-bird would!

it sat in my fabric box, taunting me with it's giant tent-like girth,..and i pondered its usefulness.

today, being a miserable mountain day, needed a little cheerful nudge,...and so, g&t in hand,...i set about making some cheerful, beachy cushions!

the fabric is bold and a little tacky,..
but it calms down once paired back with a subtle stripe.
and voila!  a tack-o hawaiian shirt is now a pile-o cushions!
i think they would look great in a beach house,...casually thrown onto a daybed on a front porch,..or even in a little boy's bedroom.

don't you think?

jane xx


BabyMac said...

I need a sewing machine. FAB.

Aunt Annie said...

Awesome creature... so talented!

plain jane styling said...

excellent! glad you both like,.. means I must be heading down the right path! pjxx