Monday, January 3, 2011

a sweet vintage-y dress for a sweet little girl,..

a pretty grey, rainy old day today,..and i had a bit of time on my hands,..

so, i thought i would go about making a vintage-y swing dress for lottie.

had some cute, vintage inspired, little girl floral fabric in the cupboard.
cut out a simple shape, and then pinned the fabric.
sewed the hems, and added some elastic at the top.
these sweet little swing dresses will be available in lots of different vintage materials and can be bought from 'Carrie', or, in the meantime, via direct order.

from $36 + p/h

so sweet!

jane xx


Toni said...

so pretty!! Well done!!

plain jane styling said...

thanks doll! pjxx

Aunt Annie said...

For some reason this brought back memories of Little Orphan Annie once she gets to stay with her sugar-daddy- very sweet indeed. But I want to see a picture of Lottie in it!