Thursday, December 23, 2010

take time out of your daily grind to appreciate beautiful things,.....

so,'s a day or so before christmas,....  i am defrosting my great big turkey,..making scones,.. amusing 3 children, around the house, washing toddler poo off the daybed covers (don't ask), and am altogether downright busy and important! 

mental time of year.

i thought i would stop for a second though and have my 'style fix'.

i think i mentioned the other day that the postman had brought me (sounds better than 'bought online') a copy of stylist, Sibella Courts book 'etcetera'.

i am mad about this book,...  i can't actually bear to sit down and look at it properly, i fear it will be too overwhelming!

anyway,..  thought i would share some of the gorgeous images....

take a moment out of your day,..and enjoy looking at pretty things with me!




i am a little obsessed with old typewriters at the moment,..  the shape of them,.the sound they make,...the texture of the written word,..  it's lovely,..

i am also loving the artwork of hand written letters.  i wrote my first letter in a long time last week,..on parchment paper,..with a hand-stamped letterhead.  the experience was lovely!

i love the casual humour in Sibella's style.  she is happy to attach things to the wall with twine and bluetack.  to hang lights on hooks etc.  it shows that design does not need to be permanent.  that you can move things around at whim.  that you don't have to 'live' with a piece if you get tired of looking at it.


everyone should have a copy of this book!!  there is still some time before christmas to get yourself a special gift!  this should be it.

jane xx


Amanda said...


plain jane styling said...

I know, Amanda,.. you should get a copy of this book,'s fabulous!

pj xx

Aunt Annie said...


It's so reassuring to see stylish clutter. Now, how can I apply that to the spare room, which I have to clean today before my visitor arrives? lol Seriously, she manages to make all sorts of gathered 'crap' look wonderful (like all those shoeboxes- mentally throw them on the shelf without everything else and you'll see what I mean) and I need to work out how to do the same, because I have nowhere else to store this stuff. Thanks for the inspiration!

plain jane styling said...

get Bear to make you a bed head like that! It wouldn't be too difficult,. doesn't need to be load bearing, can lean it up against the wall,....

I think that the trick with 'stylish' clutter is to group things into collections. repeating form and design is visually pleasing. it is why the collection of cardboard boxes looks stylish. group a selection of vases in different shapes and styles, but keep the colour the same. add tonal variety,..but don't overdo it!

use the colour of the walls in your spare room as a platform and then add objects with a similar colour..

pj xx

Sheridan said...

I learnt to type at school, on a typewriter. I feel old!

plain jane styling said...

(I did too, Shed!)