Wednesday, December 22, 2010

christmas day fare,...

so,..i have my christmas day table design sorted out,..  i guess the next thing is to organise the food!

we are a traditional aussie family when it comes to christmas day food,..  mum and dad come to our place ladened with a massive glazed ham,.and there is no way of changing that!  however, after drooling over the christmas edition of inside out magazine i thought i would change things up a bit this year,...

here are some things that will be on our table christmas day...

image inside out
some fabulous fresh seafood,..  you cant go past prawns and lobster medallions with a balsamic, pepper and salt dipping sauce.  freshly shucked oysters are also divine..

image from inside out

BBQ'd turkey with middle eastern spices, carrot, orange and cranberry glaze.

image inside out

this coconut japonaise with almond cream and berries is going to prove a little difficult,..but hopefully worth the challenge!

add to that an apple, fennel and honeyed walnut coleslaw,..  roast kipfler potatos with crispy pancetta and this gorgeous vodka and cranberry cocktail,...

merry christmas everyone!!

jane xx

(phtos from inside out magazine,..  styling by glen proebstel)

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