Sunday, December 26, 2010

a merry christmas indeed,...

through the haze of far too many glasses of champagne,.i thought i would share one of the lovely christmas gifts i was lucky enough to receive.

this gorgeous coffee table bible on australian woodblock artist, cressida campbell.

please indulge me whilst i share some of the beautiful woodblock prints with you.

her composition of floral, interesting vase and intense colour is one that i try to create with my 'vignette's' at home.  the intricate detail in the vases contrasts beautifully with the simplicity of the floral.  the rich, vibrant colour is honest and earthy.

i love that she does not try to beautify her still life vignettes before capturing them in wood.  the fallen petal,..the browning stem,...the chip in the vase,.  these elements are as visually pleasing as the perfection of the flowers.

her collection of shells and 'sea finds' would be as comfortable resting on a coffee table as they are on the beach..

i am particularly fond of the artworks where the subject is her bronte apartment.  it is filled with asian treasures,..tropical fruit and flowers,.all juxtaposing beautifully with the harsh reality of an electrical cable or a venetian blind that is slightly askew.  these seemingly small details ground the images. they represent an honesty, a sense of humour and a lack of arrogance that i find charming.

anyway,..enough waffle!  beautiful book.  i feel blessed to have it on my coffee table.

tomorrow i will share my other beautiful christmas gift.  the divine french, antique (pink) chandelier that my gorgeous parents bought me to hang in our bathroom.  so spoiled!

enjoy your christmas break everyone!

jane xx


Amanda said...

That's woodblock?? I'm speechless. It's divine.

plain jane styling said...

yup. woodblock! inspiring, eh? get a copy of this book too, amanda xx

BabyMac said...

How amazing is that book? MY Dad has it at his place and I fell in love with it. Lucky duck! good does it smell? Or is that just me...?

plain jane styling said...

oooh beth,..i haven't smelled it! lol,.... it is sitting next to a green tea reed infuser though, i am thinking that may influence the scent somewhat! pjxx