Sunday, December 19, 2010

a step back in time is a step forward!

today the family took a roadtrip.

a roadtrip with a purpose.

i had an idea during the week,.....  and idea that came about after mucking around with real estate agents who were not returning phone calls,..not coming up with the answers i needed in regards leasing a shop space,..and generally being annoying.

did i really want a shop space?  did i want to be tied down by a lease?  hmmm,.. not really,..  the idea of being a little nomadic with the business is appealing.  the idea of being able to visit markets up and down the coast is very appealing,..  and the notion of my family being able to tag along for a mini holiday is super appealing!

so,..  i had a notion.

hence the roadtrip.

and here she is!

a 1952 vintage Castle caravan!

you may need to squint a little so that you aren't distracted by her blemishes....

maybe some other 'styled' images will help you visualise what she will look like in a few months time,...


maybe a few more,.....

can you see it?!

i'll spend weekends tootling up and down the coastline,...stopping off at a market and setting out my vintage wares,....  then we will camp somewhere overnight!

she will also be available to hire for photoshoots et,..


now,..just to name her,...  

audrey?  carrie?  mavis?

any suggestions, folk?

jane xx


Kangaskippy said...

How cool (my brother & SIL have one they use as an art studio)

hmm, names...

Niomi nomad

lol, I love your idea! let me know if you travel to the central coast so I can come take a peek!

plain jane styling said...

Prudence is my Mum's name!! cool !

Toni said...

ohhhhhhh!!!!! LOVE!!
What a fab idea Jane! Well done!!

sbb said...

YAY...good idea!!
my caravan is done up 70's style {umm what else?? lol} but yours will be put to much cooler use than mine!!!
Love it!!

sbb said...

ps.... Prudence is great, also Love Mavis!!
my gal is called Ingar :)

plain jane styling said...

We are leaning towards 'carrie' (the caravan!) lol

BabyMac said...

She is FABULOUS. What a great idea! Well done...loving Carrie. That or Dorothy. That was my grandmothers name - Dorothy May.

plain jane styling said...

Oh Beth! Dorothy is a super name too!!!