Saturday, December 18, 2010

the christmas wattle tree,...

this morning the family wandered around the garden and chose our christmas tree!  i originally wanted a gumtree,....but the wattle tree we chose had such beautiful 'snowflake' shaped leaves in a divine muted green/grey, was perfect.

our homemade 'anti-tinsel'...some vintage doilies tied with ribbon,...some creamy beads and our beautiful red star look lovely,....and the kids are very happy with the result!  even if it is a little less than traditional.

it turned out to be a 'red and green' colour scheme after all!

but a rather stylish one.

jane xx

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Aunt Annie said...

I looove that! My family always had a little banksia branch as a Xmas tree- I remember wishing so much for a normal tree like everyone else had!! but I think if I'd had the appropriate decorations instead of hideous tinsel... it might have appealed much more!