Monday, December 20, 2010

freecycling = vintage funky....

don't be afraid to be the person you see rummaging through the council pick-up piles (within reason, of course!!) on the side of the road,..  you can find some wonderful things!  

on saturday, i came across this sad old deck chair,....

very neglected,..but structurally sound.

so i sanded her back,..gave her a coat of black enamel paint,.

knocked up some canvas covers with this gorgeous vintage, floral canvas,..

and i think she looks fabulous!

i can see her sitting out the front of 'carrie' at the markets!

what do you think?

jane xx


Aunt Annie said...

That's brilliant. Do you have a freecycle group up there? Another great place to get freebies if you are quick off the mark when something gets listed!

plain jane styling said...

no,..I don't think we do,... pity,.. great concept!