Sunday, December 5, 2010

the pursuit of vintage cane perfection,...

For months now I have been on the hunt for a pair of vintage (retro) cane armchairs.  

I saw some divine ones the last time we went to Byron Bay.  We stayed at the beautiful, and in their stunning 'beach vintage renovation', they had 'the chairs'.  


I have since been on the hunt.  

low to the ground,...curved, 'pretzel' shaped arms,...vintage 'tropical' fabric.  I could picture them in my mind.  The perfect gin & tonic on-the-deck-chair!  I needed them.

however, at $1,300 per chair, they were slightly out of my budget.


last week I found them!  For an amazing $250!  They looked a little tired,.. and the fabric was very dated.

but the shape was perfect,...and the chairs were in very good vintage condition.  I found some great tropical canvas,...

and set about making new cushions,..using the existing ones as templates.

I think the finished product is beautiful!  $2,600 of chairs for less than $300.

vintage cane perfection.

jane xx

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