Sunday, December 5, 2010

bespoke christmas stockings for the kids..

I love Christmas, do my 3 children,.. 


I loathe red & green colour schemes,.... tinsel,.. smiling santa faces,..coloured flashing lights and general tack.

I think that if you are going to stylishly decorate for the Christmas season, then it is best to continue with the existing colour scheme of your house.  That way, you avoid the decorations clashing with your decor!

I struggled to find Christmas Stockings for the kids that were not red and green felt or were covered with santa-inspired fluff,.. so I decided to make my own.

We have a beautiful vintage medical light in our living space that seemed perfect to hang stockings on,.. so I continued with a metallic/grey look.

I constructed each stocking with a matt grey/silver fabric and then  personalized each one with  different ribbon/vintage lace doilies and also with covered wire letters for each kiddie.

I think they look fabulous!

jane xx


Anonymous said...

Ah, these are all calm snowy beauty- not a dodgy old man with body image issues in sight, let alone his alcoholic-snouted moose!

plain jane styling said...

thank you!!! Kitch, be gone! (well, this circumstance anyway!)