Thursday, December 16, 2010

'hazel's' daybed gets a beachy makeover....

we have a gorgeous, shabby old daybed on our front porch that our labrador, Hazel, appears to have claimed as her own....(it has the best view of the front gate,..and lots of sun.  important stuff for a labrador!)....

today i reclaimed the daybed!

i bought some hessian sacks from bunnings (around $1 each) and filled them with clean straw to make some rustic cushions. (thanks chickens!!)

and i had this gorgeous yellow, striped canvas set aside already for this project.

i whipped up 3 simple slip covers,..

and threw on 2 floral cushions as a contrast.

i know where i am drinking my pot of tea today!

(hazel is looking very miffed!)

jane xx


sbb said...

ok i darnt let Mr Bear & Mr Rusty see this post cause they will be giving me the EVIL EYES ... how can they possibly go on living with just tre normal dogs bedding!!!!

Aunt Annie said...

I made my dog a bed from an old lucerne hay bag filled with alpaca fleece offcuts from shearing. Plenty of both here if you'd like to get the pleading look off that puppy's face- my old Tullydog loved it!!