Wednesday, December 15, 2010

pretty offerings from the post box,.

i love coming home and seeing parcels stacked at my front door,....and it is even more exciting when the parcels contain lovely things that i have bought online!

today's offerings were a gorgeous vintage lampbase which i am going to 'style up' with a new lampshade in some sort of divine fabric,....and this beautiful cotton fabric (named 'scarlett and rose') which i think will make lovely cushion covers.

both will be for sale,...although i predict they may be hard for me to part with!

jane xx


sbb said...

oh ahhhhhhh NOICE!!!
where the fabric from - stunning!!
If i ever make it to see your new shop i am sure i would GO BROKE!!!!


plain jane styling said...

You don't have to come! I'll sell it online! lol,.

The fabric is from Just Plain Gorgeous in Brissy,.. I adore it! jxx

sbb said...

oh dear that sounds mighty dangerous my sweets!!!!
{hell who am i kidding i LOVE to shop online!!}