Thursday, December 16, 2010

every christmas tree needs a star,...right?

even an anti-tinsel christmas tree needs a star,..

last night i crafted a rustic star from some pieces of craft wood,..some spray adhesive,..and some red paint.

i think its going to look gorgeous on the top of our christmas gum-tree,.  and i may even keep it as a decoration for the kids room after christmas,..would look fab above a bedhead!

what do you think?

jane xx


sbb said...

oh man dont u love adhesive spray...i am a glue gun fan myself!!!
Star is gorgeous & YES will look great afterwards as a piece of art

Aunt Annie said...

Yes, I love it. But I thought you didn't like red and green for Xmas? Anyway whatever, it looks splendid!

plain jane styling said...

Lol Aunt Annie!! Lottie decided that the star should be red,..and it compliments the bold, red stripes in the 'anti-tinsel', i complied! xx