Monday, August 8, 2011

giving good rug

that title makes sense, doesn't it?

yeah!  Of course it does.

ok,. firstly, i feel (due to the 59 emails of complaint!) that i have to apologise for not having posted for weeks and weeks.


show.pony has taken up much of my time of late.

it is proving to be so much fun though!  so, all is good.



back to rugs.

i have developed a 'thing' recently, for rugs.  my house is filled with cow hides of all sorts,..  patchwork.  brown calf.  black and white.  

i adore them.

but, and this is the thing that is making me happy.

why not combine a hide rug, with a contrasting rug, for something truly amazing!?

hide + persian.

this is the insanely beautiful house of super-hip couple dean angelucci and lisa gorman.

look at the rugs!

same room, different rug combo.


don't be afraid to mix it up a bit, folks.

give good rug!

jane xx

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Foxyloxy said...

Oh so good to have a hit! Thank you!