Wednesday, July 20, 2011


it's snowing here this morning.  it also snowed yesterday.  i live on a mountain 1 hour and 10minutes out of sydney and it snows!  statistics that never cease to amaze me!  

consequently, i am spending lots of time at my desk,.  making contacts for the new business..  designing business cards.  thinking strategy..  business development.. planning,.  planning.. planning.

i must admit, the more i get into it, the more excited i am about launching back into the world of events.

i can now tell everyone that the new business name is


we will concentrate on quirky, bespoke one off events.  something left of centre.  something guests have never seen before.

it. will. be. amazing.

for now, my contact details remain the same, and i will update you all with the show.pony details when the time comes.

who wants to book us for the first, official show.pony event?  book launch?  private party?  media hoo-haa?


jane xx


Treadgold said...

Just found your blog over on Table Tonic - love discovering a great new blog and also someone with their own little business, fabbo. Look forward to finding out more about what you get up to. Emma

plain jane styling said...

Hello Emma! Thank you for popping by.. hope to see you around these parts again soon! pjxx

BabyMac said...

Is there real, proper snow laying about? PHOTOS please. Now I am jealous! We had some sleet briefly, but snow? Proper snow? My heart aches...

Good luck with the new business? If you ever need a shitkicker to help you out, I am your gal!

naughtyshorts! said...

show.pony is a great name miss PJ. I m sure you will take off like a rocket... Nice one x