Sunday, July 17, 2011

arabian nights

when we moved to the mountains, the first thing i bought was a persian daybed.

i had been eyeing it off for months, and finally had the perfect place for it.  next to a roaring fire, of course!  

i bought it from a place in newtown, called afghan interiors.

to be honest, i'm no longer loving it. so much red velvet.  doesn't really work for me.

tragically, it has become the 'labra-bed', as our labrador, hazel has decided that she rather likes languishing in front of an open fire.

as you do.

that is, until i saw my 'labra-bed' in this months issue of home beautiful magazine.

look how amazing it looks when you cover it with some different fabrics on the bolsters, some gorgeous clashy cushions, and, the piece de resistance, a table tonic vintage moroccan wedding blanket.

(a table tonic vintage moroccan wedding blanket is now on my lust-have list!).

a couple of table tonic moroccan pouffes would seal the deal.

and, don't get me started on the berber rugs!

i also popped in to orson & blake in woollahra on friday and bought this divine 'suzani' plate.

so, at least the labrador will have something gorgeous to eat her dinner off when she officially gets kicked off the labra-bed!

jane xx


Louise (Table Tonic) said...

I want a labra-bed!

plain jane styling said...

you'd have to push the labra-lush off. she's big. and stubborn. :)