Friday, June 10, 2011

friday lust haves.

everyone has a 'list' of lust-have's, right?

a list of beautiful things that you are constantly on the hunt for?  yeah?

a gorgeous girlfriend of mine sent me a message last night.  a one line message.

along the lines of..

'please tell me that you know fenton&fenton'.

yes.  yes, i do.

anyway, i did a quick google search on the very divine fenton&fenton and, to my amusement, the images contained items on my lust-have list.

japanese fishing buoys.  i am *wanting* a bunch of these to hang somewhere in my house.  i have seen some in a local store, but am baulking on the exorbitant sum of money they are wanting for them!  but they are truely gorgeous.  an amazing sea green, mixed with vintage twine and barnacles.


cockatoo lamp.  a bit kitch, i know, and mr. plain will *hate* it.  but for some reason i am drawn to it.

a vintage, iron, pot stand to go outside carrie.  i can just see it weighed down with lots of brightly coloured tin cans filled with herbs and succulents.


yellow tolix chairs and vintage industrial trolley.

that's a no brainer.

ikat cushions and mexican suzani.

look at the colours!

if you are in prahran, pop in to fenton&fenton.

just promise me you'll take my lust have list with you?

jane xx


Anonymous said...

Love the cockatoo lamp! When I was tiny, we had 'real' Japanese neighbours. The house looked like a normal 60's semi on the outside, but on the inside, divine simplicity. They had some of those fishing floats hanging up in their hallway and the light from the window used to dance on the floor and walls through the glass. The children were tiny and had perfectly bobbed haircuts and everything was so precise and beautiful. I've been fascinated with all things Japan ever since.

PrinZeZz said...

Hi! I'm looking for the cockatoo lamp. Where can I find it?