Wednesday, June 8, 2011

black breezeway - the result

i just realised that i totally forgot to show you all the results of the black breezeway!!!

you'll remember, that originally, i painted the breezeway bananaleaf green (porters).  

didn't work for me.

but the black i am loving!

interestingly, the black brings out the muted colours in the oil paintings.  the pinks and greens fade into the background, and i see more of the cream and grey.

i also hung a little glass jar that jasper found under the house, and plonked a dried agapanthus bloom in it.  i also hung a bone necklace around the neck of the vase.

the black is so calming and peaceful.

consider black in your house.  

jane xx


naughtyshorts! said...

I love it miss Jane - especially with your special paintings - really beautiful!

Pinecone said...

The black looks great with the paintings!