Thursday, May 12, 2011

vintage industrial sculpture..

when i was at university studying fine arts, some of my favourite artists included amazing folk such as robert klippel and rosalie gascoigne.

i guess, even back then i had a love of found objects.  especially those with an industrial edge.

this is an amazing gascoigne made from re-claimed road signs.

i have also recently become aware of the work of a friend of a friend.

her name is tanya stubbles and she creates amazing pieces such as 'western plains'.

again, using reclaimed wood to make beautiful landscapes.  the intense yellow in both works is amazing, isn't it?

and, then there is the work of robert klippel.  

he creates truely amazing sculptures and installations using recycled wood, and industrial foundry patterns.

which really gets me to the point of my story!

check out what mr. plain brought home last night.

a massive vintage, industrial foundry pattern.  these were used in factories, railways etc as moulds to create metal casts.  cogs, wheels, etc.

they are beautifully sculptural and usually have amazing colours on them.  this one is a chalky black mixed with red and yellow.  throw in a little typography for good luck!  

perfect as a sculpture in it's own right,..or maybe with a glass top as an incredible coffee table.

i love it.

jane xx


mel said...

good on you mr plain...and lucky you jane!

oscar and ruby said...

Super! Love husbands that know a good thing when they see it! said...

Hi Jane, I love that industrial sign artwork. Ellie is coming along well, she is having a little more work done before we can get her on the road. Lucky for me my dad is a mechanic! Thanks for asking about her.

Katie said...

I use to do flowers for The Klippel house in Balmain.... well only the boat house, that had a sunken bath that made you eye height to the water on Sydney harbour! The main Mansion was in disrepair( has since been done up). so amazing!