Monday, May 9, 2011

a stylists shabby chic dream.

what a glorious weekend.

filled with friends, laughter, good food and wine, sunshine and squishy, happy children.  perfectly hallmark.

i had a wonderful day yesterday.  dozens of white roses delivered to my bedside.  breakfast and coffee in bed.  and the best bit, a leave pass for the rest of the day.  


on my way to bondi for a think session with my business partner, i popped in to the marrickville organic markets.

such a wonderful market.  we lived in marrickville until our move to the country, and every sunday morning we could be found wandering through the markets.  buying produce.  sipping on the best chai ever.  eating amazing food.

and, without fail, i would buy something from one of the amazing stall vendors there.

i call her 'the stylists shabby chic dream'.

but actually, her name is mel.

she always looks like this.


red lipstick.  perfectly 'undone' hair.  paint splattered overalls.  flowers.  amazing jewellery.  if i could get by with any style, i would choose hers.

truely gorgeous.

(could have taken it all home..anyway, i digress).

i was having a rummage through her fabulous stall, when she recognised me and came to ask how our country move was going.  (i was actually rather chuffed that she remembered me, but that isn't the best bit..)

as we were talking, i handed over one of my 'plain jane' business cards.  

she recognised the name.

she. follows. my. blog!

could have struck me down with a feather.

this amazing woman follows my blog!

(hi mel, if you are reading this!)

an incredible compliment.

anyway,..  i picked up a gorgeous vintage tin filled with silk thread,...

and some hand carved (maybe bone?) jewellery. 

(i am wearing the necklace here with my uberkate silver rings).

such a great moment.

oh,..and look at the gorgeous, winter sunshine rays beaming over the side of our house yesterday morning.

have a great day, friends.

jane xx


oldflowers4me said...

oh how your post today made my heart best friends with miss Mel..we haven't meet as yet..giggle...we meet over at facebook...and have made my day....her stall looks fantastic...singing and singing jo.

plain jane styling said...

get out of town! You HAVE to meet her! She is totally amazing. X

Alison Gibbs said...

oh what a wonderful post...the lovely Mel...a sweet fb friend.
Your Sunday certainly was special

naughtyshorts! said...

I love your house miss Jane - Can't wait to see once you have it all tarted up in your domino paint x

Anonymous said...

Love this post and your home in the country looks beautiful. Mel's shops were always divine and she is the fabbiest, loveliest woman as well! xx

plain jane styling said...

Hi josephine! I happen to live in a turn of the century cottage in the Blue Mountains!! xx

Claudia Lane said...

You house looks gorgeous Jane and Domino is the perfect colour for it! Can't wait to see :))

plain jane styling said...

I think so too claudia,.. it's a big house though, is going to take an age to paint. sigh. i hate being such an *instant gratification* person sometimes.

Carousel Dreams said...

Miss Mel is incredible! This is too funny...I am her facebook friend too! What fun...her stall looks amazing - so nice to meet you x

plain jane styling said...

lovely to meet you too "facebook friend of Mel's!'. XX

Briar Stanley {Sunday Collector} said...

I remember Mel from her shop gorgeous in Summer Hill about 12 years ago (down the street from where I grew up!) She's lovely and has amazing taste. Thanks for the little mention a few days ago too! Briar x

Briar Stanley {Sunday Collector} said...

Meant to say gorgeous shop...I can't actually remember what it was called - complete mind blank. But it was all shabby chic with a bit of rockstar thrown in!

plain jane styling said...

the shop sounds divine! She just posted pictures on Facebook of her lounge room,.... amazing. She has stunning taste.