Saturday, May 7, 2011

the domino effect

yesterday i chose the final colour for the outside of our house.  it will also be the colour for the chicken coop. the treehouse and carrie.

paired back with white woodwork, and a pale pink front door.

it will look super.

funnily enough, moments after i decided on the colour, i stumbled across the northern suburbs beach 'shack' belonging to mark tuckey, his stylist wife louella, and their two children.

this is what the house looked like when they moved in.


but here it is after they painted it in **my** colour scheme.

how amazing is that?

stunning.  can't wait to get painting.

jane xx

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Aunt Annie said...

Have you thought about the effect on your heating/cooling of the house? It will help make the house warmer in winter, but I'd worry about the effect in summer- all that heat absorption! Not meaning to be a killjoy, but air conditioning is sooo expensive :)