Thursday, May 19, 2011

the letter writers.

there is no touch more personal, more human, than a hand written letter.

i adore cards, notes, swing tags on clothing, place names at tables, messages on blackboards. 

anything hand written.

so much soul goes in.  

just lovely.

i was lucky enough to receive a parcel in the post yesterday.

from my friend mel.  (you can read about her here).

when i opened the express post package, there was the most amazing scent of rosewater and geranium.

an amazing smell.

and a gorgeous hand written note.

etched with ink drawn roses.

with it's crinkled, worn edges,. and gorgeous scent, it is honestly the most perfect piece of paper i have ever owned!  

on the other side was a whimsical note.

(hope you don't mind me sharing, mel!)

'a friend who is far away is sometimes much nearer than one who is at hand.
is not the mountain far more awe-inspiring and more clearly visible to one passing through the valley than to most that inhabit the mountain,.....'


i am now wondering how i can work the etching into my blogger header.  or make a swing tag business card.  or even a whimsical tattoo.

thank you mel!

make someone's day.  send a letter.

jane xx


mel said...

hello jane, so glad you liked the note, what a wonderful idea to be able to use it in your work..i must say that hand written letters ,notes are so special and unfortunately not done enough these days.......those wonderful words are actually from the amazing..Kahil Gibran, a man of many beautiful words...glad to share and have you

Anna White said...

Just glad that such a beautiful gift put special smile on your face darling...its is those kind of friends that we should always hold near and dear :) x

Claudia Lane said...

Agree totally Jane...there is nothing more personal and special than a hand written note :))

Aunt Annie said...

I might add that I still have a hand-written letter from Plain Jane, aged around 16 I think... and the handwriting is astonishingly beautiful :D

plain jane styling said...

haha! i am sure it is very flowery! xx