Sunday, May 29, 2011

black is the new black

i love black.

i love wearing black (especially now that i am blonde again!), the business cards for my new venture are going to be black, the outside of my house is heading towards being black, carrie is black.

hmm,.. too much black?


today, i am re-painting our breezeway black.  i painted it not so long ago in porters banana-leaf.  i liked it for about 10minutes.

it is just too much colour to live with.

too cheery.

too green.

it doesn't reflect the rest of the house.  calm grey and black tones everywhere, and then 'hello green, you are hurting my eyes!'.

this is my friends house.  (i won't mention her name being the internet and all.  i will come back and rectify if she is ok with it!).  

this is honestly the most divine space i have ever seen.

the chalky, black perfection of the walls.  paired back with whitewashed floors and woodwork and mixed up with natural elements of leather, feathers and linen.

to die for.

so, today, i am going to paint our breezeway in a similar tone.  

peaceful, calm space here we come!

jane xx


Claudia Lane said...

Love it too, black adds drama and glamour. Am sure your breezeway will look fantastic ;))

Aunt Annie said...

My goodness, sometimes people are just soooooo different. If that was my bedroom I would never get out of bed because the lack of colour would depress me so much! I love being surrounded by my explosion of deep red and golds and earthy wooden surfaces. Just walking around in my colourful space cheers me up. One vote for colour!!!

plain jane styling said...

It is interesting eh, AA? I would never get out of bed due to the sheer beauty of the space. I adore it.

oldflowers4me said...

one day going to run through this divine house and then sit down to have a cup of tea...what a dream house it is.....xx jo

plain jane styling said...

can I come with you, miss jo? xx