Wednesday, April 13, 2011

the torture chamber.

so, in sydney, australia, right at this very moment, it is school holidays.

for almost three weeks.

three weeks,..

three children at home.

all the time.


our holiday started well with a day trip to our local vietnamese community for a pho tai and some fruit, vegie and fish shopping.  

it didn't continue so well yesterday with a playdate at our house resulting in someone elses poor child vomiting all over our lounge room floor.  (including the cowhide rug).


anyway,.. onwards and upwards!

here are some gorgeous kiddies spaces,.. spaces they could most probably amuse themselves in... maybe?!

jane xx


joanna said...

hi jane, where is the local vietnamese food outlet in the mountains?? would be interested to know as I sooo miss good asian food available locally! ps know how you feel about the black hole of calcutta....esp around some parts of katoomba! joanna

Aunt Annie said...

Hmm... the first three don't look inviting to me at all- not for kids, anyway. What makes you say they're good kid spaces? I'm curious... I mean I'll pay the hidey-hole under the end of the bed, but the vase-thing on the bedside table? Just odd to me! I like the others though.

plain jane styling said...

Hi Joanna,.. The local vietnamese is Cabramatta! lol.

And AA,...I guess I just like the colour scheme in the first three pictures,..xx

Claudia Lane said...

Yes I know what u mean, three kids at home for nearly three weeks isn't fun, it's quite scary actually...I'm going mad already and it's only been what? two days? Great!!! I'm trying to stay calm, breathe and do all the right things..ha ha! what are the right things anyway...?! Love the room with the three girls. :))