Tuesday, April 12, 2011

a creatively flat day pulls up it's socks.

sometimes i really struggle with the decision we have made to live rurally.

my creative outlet is pretty much city based,...  sure, i do some painting and sewing and fiddling around the house,..but what really makes me happy is working with my clients.  styling events.  scouting venues.  creative meetings.  the moment just before doors when it all comes together and looks amazing.


i feel sometimes like i am living in the black hole of calcutta.

i had a day like this the other day.  a pretty flat morning of wandering around a local town with my littlest lad.  until we stopped in for morning tea (of avocado, sourdough and haloumi - not a dark point in the morning!),..and recognised the chap sitting at the next table.


one of sydney's most highly regarded photographers.

the morning had pulled up it's socks!

(lovin' this last shot of michelle jank).

and **then** i open my latest issue of inside out magazine and find that they have done a story on his weekend, blue mountains abode!

getouttatown!  (well,..i guess he does!)

he has a shack near blackheath which he calls ' a 1950's home of an american scientist, who's been left to his own devices.'

i love his style.  op shop pieces rest casually next to designer furniture.  award winning photographs sit happily with vintage anatomical posters.  the space is confident...with a whimsical edge. easy composition of objects, textures and light juxtapose the neutral white palatte and the heavy tones of the cedar wood.  

so,.i feel happier.  although i am still really hanging out for friday when i am back in sydney, champagne in hand, attending a press launch.  

guess i am a city girl at heart.

jane xx

(images via my iphone via inside out magazine)


Claudia Lane said...

Jane you have the best of both worlds...I get so frustrated sometimes and just want to move out of Sydney...it can get really mad!
Come by my blog, you are one of 7 wonderful ladies I've nominated for an award.
Have a great day :))

plain jane styling said...

aren't you lovely, Claudia,...... xxxx