Monday, April 11, 2011


hello lovely people. 

sorry to have been absent over the last couple of days,.  

i have been laid up with a horrible migraine that just won't go away.

(and, stupidly, decided to paint walls, re-arrange furniture and hold a dinner party whilst not really being able to see that well due to intense pounding in my head).

yeah,..not terribly smart.

anyway,..  i have been a little lacking on the inspiration front,....until a gorgeous designer friend emailed me with a link to a divine blog that i haven't come across yet.

some of these images made me feel very happy indeed.





this is the english home of sally & mark bailey.  

vintage industrial props,..large panels of aged wood leant against distressed walls,..pops of lemon yellow... potato sack cushions,....union jacks casually thrown onto deep, dove grey couches (our exact couches by the way!).

i've found it.  this is my dream house.

we are heading in the right direction.

have a great day everyone.

jane xx

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Rafa said...

Hope you are feeling better soon love.