Thursday, April 21, 2011

sew (sic) lovin' this!

i have many, many friends who love to sew.

some of them are even quite clever.

everyone should have one of her dresses in their wardrobe!

however, i digress.

people sew,..not everyone has access to a sewing machine.  

imagine then, a sewing version of a cyber cafe!  

vintage work stations topped with old singer sewing machines.  A former print shop styled with pretty tiles and flakey paint.

in paris!

could it get any better?

i love the fact that we seem to be returning to bygone skills.  supermodels knit backstage,...funky mums crochet at the park.

nanna is cool.

sweatshop's founders are austrian born designer sissi holleis and swiss makeup artist martena duss.  both came to paris armed with sewing machines that they were constantly lending to their friends.  

there ain't much room in a parisian apartment for a sewing machine!

the machines are available for rent at 6 euros an hour,..they also offer sewing, crochet and knitting classes.  demonstrations by designers and kits with fabrics and instructions.

it is the fashion version of slow food.

slow fashion allows you to re-use vintage fabric,..upcycle,..and to form a different kind of relationship with your clothing.  

bespoke is seemingly the word of 2011.

'success is much to do with culture. this is like meditation; it's addictive.  it's chic for parisians - whose endless quest is to find the new, new thing'.  (martena duss)

lovin' it!  c'mon australia, lets slow down with the times.

jane xx

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Aunt Annie said...

Ooh yeah, all for sewing and slowing!