Wednesday, April 20, 2011

nature's stylist

i have posted a bunch of times about the perfect style of nature,..  the perfection of colour and form,.  the simplicity and yet complex structure of design.

so,..if nature is perfect, then the humble butterfly must be nature's stylist.

this last image is an allyson reynolds..

the butterfly holds personal sentiment for me,..  when my maternal grandfather passed away, his fijian housekeeper noted a large monarch butterfly floating out the bedroom window.  her comment being 'ahh,..there goes papa's spirit'.

i love that notion.  

amusingly, whenever we are discussing anything interesting at home,...or are having a lovely 'family' time,. a papa butterfly seems to float past.

last night my middle child jasper was proudly telling me about a gorgeous drawing that he had done,...and we turn around only to find that papa had landed on the back of his neck.

could there be a more perfect hat for race day?

jane xx


Aunt Annie said...

Fabulous! Love it!

Bear has a thing about butterflies too- had the same experience at his partner's funeral, but with the addition of a rainbow. We always feel she's around well-wishing us when a butterfly drops in.

Claudia Lane said...

How delightful! Love that kitchen. And your little one is gorgeous :))

Miss Walker said...

WOW! Gorgeous post! Miss Walker xoxo