Friday, March 25, 2011

timeless images

when my paternal grandmother died, i was lucky enough to inherit a gorgeous wooden box filled with old family slides.

images of my father catching fish at the age of 6.

my grandmother getting married.

various farms,..sheep,...cattle,...houses.

my kids love to look through them,..sort them,..and chuckle over 'poppy' looking so young.

i have often wondered upon how best to display them.

i am thinking that something like this may be lovely.

it's quite simple really,.. a little stand to place the slide on, and a glass tea-light sitting behind to project and illuminate the image.

i can change the slides from time to time,..and the kids can laugh as they see 'poppy' grinning at them from his projected image on the wall.

memories are so important,...enjoy them.

jane xx


Aunt Annie said...

Fabulous! And so topical for me as I sit here at my great-grandmother's house, surrounded by her furniture and images...

plain jane styling said...

make sure you take lots of photographs!