Thursday, March 24, 2011

facelift for carrie..

as you all know,...carrie is my 1950's caravan,...

i bought her some months ago,.and the aim was to restore her and take her to markets and sell vintage-y homewares and lovely little things from under her striped canvas awning.

well,.seems that my business is shifting somewhat,.and i am styling events and interiors more than doing markets.  i have decided to keep my vintage bits and pieces as props for styling shoots,...and now need an 'office' more than anything.

so,..carrie is  going to become my office.  she will be plain jane headquarters.  

she will also be available to hire as a location for photoshoots. (more about that a little further down the track).

i have found a place for her to sit under a couple of massive trees in our garden,..and we will build a deck,..install our retro fridge,..and have a gorgeous herb garden nestled around her.

which gets me thinking about colour.

what colour to paint carrie.

i **think** (until i change my mind again!) i have decided on a turquoise and cream colour scheme,..with a bit of happy yellow thrown in for good measure.

something like this...


jane xx


Annabel said...

Yes, definitely loving. We should do a shoot with her...

plain jane styling said...

absolutely Annabel! pjx

Anonymous said...

Love it! Carrie the caravan will be a stunner.