Thursday, March 17, 2011

shoes for the moscow circus

last night i was privileged enough to attend a workshop @ sibella court's headquarters, the society inc. in paddington.

the evening revolved around leta keen's new book, 'shoes for the moscow circus'.  leta is the editor for sibella's next book, 'nomad' and a like mind when it comes to loving quirky and sometimes 'ugly' things.

leta spent the evening discussing the old-fashioned trades that continue to survive in australian factories.  


she has a fascination with the crafts that people seem to be leaving behind.

the handmade shoe factory complete with row after row of battered shoe lasts, the old chap who hand carves hat blocks - each one perfectly fitting each customers head,...the only umbrella factory in australia, a factory manned by one single lady.  a 70'ish year old woman who makes bespoke umbrellas, by herself, every day,...she can't sell these beautiful items though, no store will take a 70year old spanish woman seriously.  the  ceramic doll factory complete with tea-chest after tea-chest filled with hundreds of parts,.. aptly named 'italian
 arm or french head'. the taxidermist...  

 a beautiful book.  stunning, quirky photography, and a real insight into the factories of yesteryear.  the factories that are slowly dying due to mass manufacturing.  dying with their secrets.


Claudia Lane said...

Sounds like a cool night Jane. Hopefully I can go to the next one!

I nominated you for new blog on the block at Lona de Anna hope you don't mind! She's added you, go and take a pick :))
Have a fab day

Annabel said...

Too sad. I want this book very much.

plain jane styling said...

thanks Hon! Hopefully you can come next time! We need to have that glass of wine :)

plain jane styling said...

@ Annabel,.. it is available in all good bookstores,..and online :)