Monday, March 14, 2011

operation window seat.

i want a window seat.

i have a country house...therefore i **need** a window seat.

so, i am putting it out to the universe,.beginning with these divine images.

i'm feeling it,...

universe,..make it happen!

jane xx


Foxyloxy said...

I want one too. We have the perfect bay window which currently has a couch in it. Only trouble is how do you make a comfortable window seat? If you work it out can you please let me know? Not only would it look divine but the storage would be fabulous!

Claudia Lane said...

divine pics a window seat too with concealed storage...dream!
Have a great Monday :))

Aunt Annie said...

Window seats are part of my inner dreaming. My Polynesian grandmother had one in her country house- I would spend hours on it looking out at the garden. Do it!

justine said...

love these shots, I am looking for ideas for a window seat so these were great