Wednesday, February 2, 2011

materials. a story of enamel, brass and white ceramics.

remember this old girl i picked up at a junk shop the other day?

she was in pretty tragic condition,..but had such lovely bones about her.

well,...we managed to find a product suitable for re-enameling her,...and look at her now!

i love the contrast between the textures of the materials,..  the creamy enamel and the gorgeous, rustic brass country taps,..  the richly feminine gardenia and the vintage silver vessel,..  and the crisp white of the ceramic deer.

and, the best bit is that the water from the taps now **sounds** like a country farmhouse.  

happy days.

jane xx


Aunt Annie said...

PJ, what did you use to paint it? I need same for our claw-foot bathtub.

plain jane styling said...

It's an enamel paint process,.. let me look at the containers and get back to you! xx