Thursday, February 3, 2011


here are a few things on my most wanted list at the moment.
  • anything by mark tuckey
the man is brilliant.

look at this humorous take on the tolix chair.
plopp stool
and i can just imagine this gorgeous packing crate mirror leant up against a wall in our loungeroom.

circular. packing crate
you can buy these things here

  • a bright pink juju hat.

(imagine how stunning it would look against the new bananaleaf hued wall in the breezeway!)
you can find one of those over here at the gorgeous table tonic blog.

and whilst over there, may aswell pick up a vintage suzani.
you can buy that here.

a couple of these wouldn't go astray either.

and they can be found here.

last on my list is something for the walls.


how about this?

arrgghhhh,....  who am i kidding!  i'd settle just for his book.

(and just quietly, i'd like to be wearing this whilst i flipped through the pages).

tee hee.

list complete.

have a great day everyone

jane xx

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