Saturday, January 22, 2011

a study in colour. green.

we have a completely useless space in our house.

as i was explaining to a friend the other day, it is called a breezeway,.and it connects the sleeping spaces in our house to the living spaces.  there are french doors on either side,..and boards on the floor,.  not much living goes on there.

a thoroughfare.

an oversized hallway.

a space large enough, and with a nature transient enough that could cope with a strong splash of colour.

i am thinking green.

originally it was to be turquoise,....but now i am thinking an indochine green.

so, i am off to bunnings today armed with these images,... 

these first four images are courtesy of country style magazine. (feb 2010).

a divine apartment in brunswick heads.  a tranquil, green oasis.  dreamy rustic shutters,..lazy ceiling fans moving the warm air,,,

it's fabulous.

these gorgeous images are via sibella court.

and i am thinking that the perfect colour **could** be something like this...

anyway, to look at paint.

enjoy your day.

jane xx


nicki said...

hi! i'm loving your blog. and i'm feeling your green vibe as well. i just painted my tiny sunroom with sibella's 'desert' and i'm so pleased, but i know her 'cicada' is beautiful as well- might be more down your alley (or up your brezzeaway?). can't wait to see what you decide on!

nicki said...

gosh, spelling! b r e e z e w a y. sorry.

plain jane styling said...

welcome aboard Nicki! i ended up choosing Porters Banana Leaf! its divine..... pjxx