Sunday, January 23, 2011

a painting to distract me from,...well,..from painting!

as per my last post, i am painting walls.

fun to start with.

gets dull quickly.

instant gratification person and all that jazz.

but here is a painting i would never get sick of.


it is by aussie artist, ben quilty.

sort of streetonesque,...

i love it.
it **could** live quite happily on my new bananaleaf (porters paints)hued breezeway wall.


jane xx


BabyMac said...

Jane I LOVE that painting too! Saw it in Country Style last month and fell in love with his stuff. AND....he lives 10 mins away from us! I plan on becoming best friends with him, and them falling in LOVE with us and offering mates rates on his paintings and or gift it to me! Shouldn't be hard no?

For starters he has sit next to me at my hairdressers so we are almost there...!

plain jane styling said...

then, Beth, you are my in. c'mon girl,....get us a new bestie!!!