Thursday, January 13, 2011


i finally picked up my new business cards today.

i say finally, because even though they only took an hour to get printed, it seemed to take an age to get something tangible to print!

my brief to my lovely friend brooke, was something like this,..

'brookie babe, can you find me a font that is a little bit vintage-y,..a little bit romantic,...kind of stylish,..simple,..and a bit elegant.  something that says i am a really, really good stylist?'.  

brookie responded with. 'sure'.

and she did.

and here it is!

it's a thick, creamy hued stock,..and large at 10cm square. i love that on the back, there is plenty of room to write notes or do little drawings for clients,..test colour swatches etc,...

the font looks handwritten,..which i love.

yippee!  i can now truely launch my identity onto the world!

jane xx


BabyMac said...

They look great! How exciting...and all grown up like! Good luck with it all x

plain jane styling said...

I know,..tis a bit grown up! I also ordered a custom stamp from primele (thanks for that idea!), with my logo on it! cant wait for it to arrive,...seems to have taken years to be delivered. pjxx