Thursday, January 13, 2011

the colour of the day is turquoise.

i bought a religious triptych from a junk shop the other day,.. a typical piece that you would see in any good catholic, italian household in marrickville!

let me begin by saying that i am not traditionally religious,..but i am rather fascinated by religious art.

these pieces however, were proving a little dull.

so,.. armed with my trusty colour bible,..(and 3 whining children), i headed off to the hardware store for some paint.
i had already decided that turquoise on the wood frames would give the images a lift,..and there happened to be a wall painted the perfect hue in 'etc'.

consequently, i was able to choose my colour very quickly.  people tend to get overwhelmed by the choice of paint colours,...  don't get bogged down with it,.  take a book/magazine/piece of fabric to match, and when looking at lots of colours on the same spectrum, go with the first one that catches your eye,.  it usually does so for a reason.  


i gave the frames a quick sand,...painted a rustic, uneven coat of turquoise on, and then re-sanded once it had dried.

a much more current look,..and will look smashing against a cream or camel coloured wall.

someone will love them!

now,...i'm off to see what else i can paint turquoise.......

jane xx

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Anonymous said...

Love it. Turquoise and the golden brown of the timber go so well. Like champagne and Japanese food.