Saturday, January 29, 2011

favourite things,...

am not finding terribly much inspiring today,..

tired,... a little flat,... uninspired,.... 

altogether finding people a wee bit odd,.

anyway,.. as a pick me up, i sat down with my morning coffee and opened up an old favourite.  an art book that i have had since i studied art at uni.

instant calm.

look at these images.  immerse yourself in the texture of the paint.  let your eye use the brushstrokes as the momentum to move through each piece.

this is art.

enjoy your saturday, friends.

jane xx


Aunt Annie said...

Darling, people ARE a wee bit odd. And so is Blogger at the moment, because these photos aren't coming up either- I can only see the first one. :(

Sheridan said...

I agree, people are odd. You get a run of the odd ones and it can be a bit challenging at times.

And I have the same problem with your pics.

plain jane styling said...

people are still being odd,...but the images are fixed! sorry everyone pjxx

Aunt Annie said...

Ahhh- yes, that's better. What did you do to fix it???

You would enjoy the work of one of my friends, I think, Lucy Keeler. Here's a link to her website:
and one to an amazing art cube made from one of her portraits:

plain jane styling said...

thanks! I shall pop over there and have a look. What did I do to fix the images? Well,..I must admit, I took the lazy way out this morning and downloaded images from the net.....this afternoon I photographed the images myself. pjxx