Friday, January 28, 2011

covetable colour

nikki tibbles is a british florist with an amazing sense of style,...  her home is an homage to intriguing objects, colour and artworks.  

think deep pink floral wallpaper clashing harmoniously with a missoni rug, vases in all hues and cushions scattered everywhere and you may be on the right path.

chaotic calm.

i love it.


some people really are too, too fabulous.

**sorry everyone,.. i had to remove the images as they were doing dodgy things,..  so you can see the full story here

jane xx


Pinecone said...

Hi there. I found you from Table Tonic and I love your blog!
I tried to follow you last week...but I was having blogger issues, and couldn't follow anyone. Anyway, it seems to be solved and I am following you now.
Looking forward to reading more.
Have a great weekend,

plain jane styling said...

hi there Pinecone! Sooo happy to have you along for the ride! pjxx