Monday, January 10, 2011

carrie,.. the deconstruction of.

poor old carrie.

we started work on her over the weekend,.. and it was depressing to say the least.

i have a pretty short attention span for things like this,..and am all about instant gratification.

so, for me, this project is going to be a little on the tough side.

i thought that we would pull a panel off,..replace the panel,...give her a sand and a paint,..make some cushion overs,.and voila,...fini.

not so.

apparently there is major structural work to be done.

and far from whipping the panel off, it took hours to get this far.

(be warned,..these images are graphic and some readers may find them distressing).


double ouch.

she is a little like an old woman who has been caught with her petticoat around her ankles.

so we have covered her with a tarp to preserve her modesty.

and we will wait until the rain stops to begin stage two.

poor old duck.



Penny said...

Poor Carrie. She'll have sparkling new underwear soon I'm sure.

Sweet Birdie Blue said...

awww poor pet :}


plain jane styling said...

not soon enough, Pen! pjxx

Aunt Annie said...

Damndamndamn! Looks like a job for an expert to me... :(